Whilst Clarke is a highly skilled rider he is also a well-recognised coach.


Clarke is an experienced coach for riders of all levels and ambitions right up to coaching the current NZ National Champion in eventing. He has ESNZ coaching qualifications as well as having studied Sport Psychology at Otago University. Clarke also coached the NZ Young Rider Trans Tasman eventing team in 2014 and the Eventing NZ Youth and Talent Development squads for a number of years.

Clake is available for lessons at his Matangi base, on his 80×40 arena with European jumps and mirrors. Please contact Clarke to book.

Below are testimonials from a few of Clarke’s students.

Maddy Crowe & Waitangi Pinterest 4* National 3 Day Champion

“I have trained with Clarke closely for six years now. He has an incredible eye for detail whether it’s in the dressage arena, my showjumping or my cross country rides. Clarke pushes me to my best and helps me to get the absolute best out of my horses. His experience and knowledge is endless and his expertise certainly shows in his coaching. Clarke is a great mentor and coach and I truly value everything he has to offer. I highly recommend training with Clarke. He has helped me become the rider I am today.”

Samantha Felton 4* National One Day Event Champion & Oceania Senior New Zealand Team member

“Having long admired Clarke’s riding style and perfectly executed showjumping rounds, I began training with Clarke 4 years ago. During this time my showjumping has gone from strength to strength and it is obvious that there has been a marked difference in my technical understanding and success in the ring. Clarke shows a genuine interest in the performance of his pupils, and I know that I can rely on him being there for me when I am seeking honest advice and support. He has brought a great deal to our team and it is much appreciated!”

Nick Brooks 4* event rider now based in the UK

“Clarke’s greatest training strength is being able to teach horse and rider new skills in a way that is easy for both to understand quickly and solidly, and then help you translate these new skills into tangible competition performance improvements.”

Jackson Bovill Oceania Young Rider New Zealand Team member

“Working and training under Clarke has been the most rewarding journey over the past few years. An immeasurable amount of world-class experience combined with a passion for helping his students succeed results in priceless guidance and mentorship. Across all three eventing phases Clarke has a real eye for detail and has the knowledge, skillset and most importantly the ability to effectively communicate these to help you reach your season goals and develop as a rider. Without a doubt Clarke’s coaching and mentoring has been a driving force behind the rider I am today.”

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